THE SONOMA GROUP’s mission is to identify strategic investment and management opportunities in businesses that have a focus on providing products or services to the end-consumer and which have a stable or positive earnings profile.

TSG looks for investment opportunities which permit a hands-on value-add involvement of its senior management team through the provision of creative, operational, financial and strategic support.

Who We Are

110 years of combined business experience at your service.

The Sonoma Group (TSG), through its two main holding & investment companies Alter Ego Holdings Inc. and Boca Boys Holdings Inc., has financial investments in numerous businesses with a primary focus on consumer products and lifestyle-driven services.

TSG and its affiliated companies hold financial interests (including equity and debt investments) in the following business sectors:

  • Music & Entertainment Rights Management/Distribution: Acquisition, creation, licensing and distribution of music and entertainment content (physical, digital & books) through national and regional retail chains throughout North America, as well as online stores, digital download sites and streaming services.
  • Hospitality: Financial investment and operations of upscale casual chain of restaurants, and food distribution.
  • Health Care & Pharma: Current investments and management of a medical device company, and two OTC healthcare companies.
  • Lifestyle: Financial investment in indoor cycling/spinning gym chain

TSG is owned and managed by its senior management group with a combined 110 years of business experience in the creation and sales of consumer products.

With ready access to internal capital from its investment group and financial leverage through traditional and non-traditional lending facilities, TSG’s seasoned creative M&A team identifies, evaluates and executes upon strategic business opportunities consistent with its Mission Statement. At present time, available capital and transaction-dependent financial leverage ranged from $3 million to $20 million.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of companies...

Newbourne Media LP

Newbourne Media LP

Specializing in developing innovative home entertainment products
Foursome Restaurant Group

Foursome Restaurant Group

Restaurant Franchising & Operations
Manhattan International

Manhattan International

Premium Apparel Distribution
Alton Blue Yachts

Alton Blue Yachts

2012 Ferretti F800 Private Cruising

Our Team

Meet the Sonoma Group…

Amos Alter

Chief Executive Officer

The Sonoma Group

David Alter

Director | President

Alter Ego Holdings Inc.

Harris Sterling


The Sonoma Group

Mikey Gutfeld


Foursome Restaurant Holdings Inc.

Ronald Brasseur


The Sonoma Group

Gary Fodi

Director | President

Neobourne Pharma

Hillel Frankel

Legal & Investment Counsel

The Sonoma Group

Ted Rozenwald

Director | President

Manhattan Apparel Group

Nathalie Murdocco

Vice President,
Product Development

The Sonoma Group

Mark Capombassis

Vice President,
Business Development

The Sonoma Group

Keith Sterling


The Starren Group


We're proud to be connected!

Some big names we’ve partnered with include: Crayola, Thomas Kinkade, Elvis Presley Enterprises, L.A.M.B., AG Jeans, Ferretti, Alton Gray, CYC Fitness, Veratemp and more…

  • AG Jeans
  • Crayola
  • Ferretti
  • Thomas Kinkade
  • Elvis Enterprises
  • Alton Gray
  • CYC
  • ARC Devices
  • Brioschi
  • Polaroid
  • Wheels Up
  • Margaritaville

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